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1. Enter Your Van Registration Number

1. Enter Your Van Registration Number

2. Get Your Guaranteed No Obligation Quote

2. Get Your Guaranteed
No Obligation Quote

3. Arrange Your Free Collection and Instant Payment

3. Arrange Your Free Collection and Instant Payment

Scrap My Van Oxford – ScrapCar123

Our Scrap Van Recycling Service Offers


As an Authorized Treatment Facility, we are experts in scrapping your van in Oxford. The recycling and reuse of vans. Whether we break the van for parts or just de-pollute and scrap it, you can be sure that if you scrap my van in Oxford with us, we will be the best company to choose.When thinking of how to scrap my van in Oxford it will be one the best automotive decisions you ever make. Scrapcar123 will pay the best prices in Oxford for scrap vans.

Scrapping your van is very important to us. Scrapcar123 will give you a no obligation quote on your scrap van.

How to scrap a van in Oxford:

Your scrap van or van is depolluted on arrival at an Authorized Treatment Facility. Any liquid and gasses which would be harmful if released to the environment, for example, petrol, motor oil, and brake fluids are drained out. We then start the process of carefully removing parts for reuse and a certificate of destruction is issued.

The scrap my van in Oxford dealer are the most trusted local buyers, breakers and Authorized Treatment Facilities.

In order for Scrapcar123 to generate a quote for your van, we require your van’s details. We require your postal code in order to see which buyers we have available and operating in your area and your scrap van registration number enables scrap my van in Oxford dealer’s to identify the make and model of your van and what type it is. For e.g. whether it’s a window van or panel van or temperature-controlled van.

The Scrapcar123 teams will questions regarding the mileage, interior and general condition of your van, such as whether it is a non-runner or MOT failure, or if you have any additional extras such as alloy wheels. Using this information we will be able to evaluate your scrap van and assess whether your vehicle is suitable for scrap.

All Scrapcar123’s prices are guaranteed and our buyers never negotiate on the collection, the price your offered online is the price you’re paid on the day.

The scrap my van in Oxford dealer’s offer free van collection for your van, there are no hidden fee’s or charges to catch you off guard.

It is a fact that Scrapcar123 will exceed the EU directive to recycle at least 85% of the van’s weight, nothing is wasted from our process and all those parts which we cannot reuse or re-engineer will be shredded, so the materials can be separated and recovered.

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