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1. Enter Your
Car Registration

1. Enter Your
Car Registration

2. Get Your Guaranteed No Obligation Quote

2. Get Your Guaranteed
No Obligation Quote

3. Arrange Your Free Collection and Instant Payment

3. Arrange Your Free Collection
and Instant Payment

Scrap My Car Liverpool – ScrapCar123

Our Scrap Car Recycling Service Offers


Selling your scrap car for cash – you can make money from your unwanted/scrap vehicle. Companies such as ours can take your car parts and reuse them as part of vehicle maintenance and breaking service.

If you wondering how can I scrap my car for cash in Liverpool. The answer is ‘yes’!

Scrapcar123 can give you a quick quote for your unwanted car and arrange to pick it up from your preferred location. If you have a car you want to get rid of for whatever reason, and in whatever condition and like the idea of receiving some money for it, we operate a sell my scrap car in Liverpool service that could be right for you.

What do I need to know when scrapping my car?

There isn’t too much work on your end of things when it comes to parting with your vehicle for some extra money. All we ask is that your paperwork is in order to prove you are the owner of the vehicle so we can legally purchase it off of you.

Get a free quote for scrapping your car

If you’ve failed your MOT and now there’s a too greater cost involved to pass, or perhaps you just have a vehicle cluttering up your garage – it could be time for a clear out.

Scrapcar123 are local, reliable specialists in helping you scrap your car. Contact us today or get a free quote for scrapping your car.

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