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1. Enter Your
Car Registration

1. Enter Your
Car Registration

2. Get Your Guaranteed No Obligation Quote

2. Get Your Guaranteed
No Obligation Quote

3. Arrange Your Free Collection and Instant Payment

3. Arrange Your Free Collection
and Instant Payment

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Scrap Car Collection Coventry – ScrapCar123

If you live in Coventry, you won’t want to be spending all your free time trying to scrap your car. You want it off your to-do list ASAP, so you can get on with the fun stuff. It’s form after form, first name this and surname that. It’s dull, we know. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just do all that only once, and then let someone else get on with the hard work for you?

The scrap car collections in Coventry dealers aim to get you the best price, the most reliable service and all with a minimum amount of hassle or stress. That’s just the way we roll.

You can drop your car by bringing along with you the quote reference number, which guarantees the price for seven days, without needing to book a time slot. If you’re unable to bring it to us or your car isn’t working, scrapcar123 will arrange a convenient collection time with you!

We will deal with the DVLA paperwork for you when we buy your car which lets them know you’re no longer the owner of your car and triggers any remaining tax to be refunded to you. Scrapcar123 will buy cars in any condition, from the year-old runners with loads of life left in them, to MOT failures, broken down cars and old cars ready for a scrap

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